Which One Is Better for You to Hire? A Web Designer or Web Builder


The internet is becoming the key to business with e-commerce making headlines every day. The latest web design trends are becoming the talk of the town and everyone wants to have a website for his business. Having a website definitely makes you more visible across the globe as against the conventional methods where you are limited to a small area. Not everyone is skilled enough to launch their own website and thus they run to find a person or a company that can do it for them. There are many technical terms, which a layman is not familiar with; the most common question that pops up is should you hire a web designer or a web builder. For a naïve person, it is confusing as the basic aim for him is to get a website launched. Let’s look into these two terms to find out what they mean.

The most straightforward and simple answer to this question can be, “Think convention for website builder. Think customization for website designer.” This can be understood in such a manner that if you need normal clothes you go to any good tailor and get it stitched, but if you are looking for something specific and uncommon you hire a designer to design your outfit. Similarly, if you want your website to be conventional, go to website builder. Conventional means you need people to see your content, allow them to navigate easily, they should be simple forms to fill, they need to embed Google maps and they should have access to photo galleries. If this is your overall requirement, you don’t need to waste your money on a designer. Opt for a website builder who will do all this work at 10% of the cost you will have to pay to the web designer.

But, if you are looking for something unconventional or you have some unique idea, which you want to incorporate in your site, then you need to hunt for a web designer who can customise your site 100%. It is always wise not to go for amateur designers as you may end up frustrated and tired. Go for someone with experience in the field.

In short, if you want to rotate the same wheel, look for a web builder, but if you plan to reinvent the wheel opt for a web designer

Post Author: George Clare

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