Google Drive – The Biggest Space Cloud Storage

Out of all the file synchronization and cloud storage services available, Google Drive is debatably one of the best. This pioneering service for file storage and synchronization from the search engine giant helps users with file sharing, cloud storage, and collaborative editing. It’s the home for Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. Here’s a comprehensive insight into what this big space cloud storage solution is all about, and how to use it.

How to Install?

Users wishing to install Google Drive on their computer can accomplish the task easily by following these simple steps:

  • Go to and select the ‘Download Google Drive’ for your PC option.
  • Select googledrivesync.exe to install Google Drive automatically and start it on your computer. If you get a warning message that Google Drive is an internet downloaded application, select the ‘open’ button.
  • A window now opens up in which you need to key in your user name for IEEEE Google Account; it’s not needed to key in your password. This is the IEEE Alias related to your membership.
  • Next on the login page of IEEE SSO, key in your Member Account or IEEE Alias and your password linked to the account.
  • Type the user name and password of your Google Account in the next window and this account will be linked to the Google Drive for your computer.
  • Finish up with the instructions in the installation package and get going to launch Google Drive for your computer.
  • Access Google Drive from the Start menu. You can now drag folders and files into your folder for Google Drive to start syncing things to My Drive.

How to Use?

It isn’t a tricky task to use Google Drive. Actually, it’s one of the simplest cloud services to begin using. Here’s a brief look into using and navigating the Drive interface.

Once you’ve installed Google Drive on your computer following the above steps, you’ll gain access to using the Drive. To start with, select the ‘Create’ option on the top left hand corner. In the drop-down menu that appears, you’ll find several options like to make a word document, spreadsheet, a form, a slideshow presentation, a drawing, or other such things. So, choose what you want and get going within no time.

All the options are quite simple, though if you have any doubt you can get a popup that explains the function by simply hovering your mouse over it. If you’ve used Microsoft Office before, then using Google’s Docs, Slides, and Sheets should be a breeze as the operation is similar. If at all, you happen to get stuck with using the Drive, there’s always the help page of Google Drive to help users.

How to Manage?

There’s no doubt that Google Drive is a very useful and powerful tool for organizing things, though it has to be managed proper to enable this functionality. Once users learn to use the basic functionalities of the Drive, they need to learn what more is available to manage their files and folders so that they can exploit it to the maximum. Here are few features that can help them better manage their Drive.

  • Purchase additional storage (besides the default 30GB limit) based on individual needs
  • Set specific file share permissions within shared folders
  • Find out the number of files in a folder
  • Remove duplicated files from the drive
  • Delete file versions automatically and save space for storage
  • Make the folder for your Google Drive as the default folder for documents

There’s much more that users can do to manage their files and folders on Google Drive.

Salient Features

Google Drive may not be a sophisticated storage service, but it handles the fundamentals excellently. It provides a whole lot of powerful features, few of which are mentioned below.

  • Online surveys and simple web forms that can be generated without web hosting or programming skills
  • Collaboration features that allow users to work out on the same doc
  • Offline storage of files, which can be synced to several computers
  • Capability to review a specific document’s history, and get back to an earlier edition
  • Automatic notifications
  • Research power of documents
  • Face to face collaboration with hangouts

With all that Google Drive allows users to do, it has become a boon with its impressive search abilities.

Post Author: George Clare

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