10 Designing Features a Webmaster Must Avoid

Many questions will arise and decision must be made while web development, answering the questions that what to be included and left is perhaps the hardest task to deal with. Until now hardest means most webmasters still are not aware about what people not like in a website.

What it can be… Once ask yourself. It may be irritating pop ups, splash pages testing your patience or content locked will sometime screws you up when you get something finally but can’t open it. These features are not liked by visitors too often.

Here is the list of design features which every webmaster must avoid probably in order to make an awesome website. Next time when you update the website or start a new one, this is going to help you to consider what all to be avoided in the website.


People love surprises but not an unwelcome extra space that pop up right in the front of monitor even without warning. This is a good reason why the modern internet users have built-in a feature called blockers for protecting against unsuspected users from enveloping advertisements.

Another thing a webmaster must consider is 99% people who spend good time in dealing with pop-ups and pop-under have already developed good impulse to close every window in single second. These advertisements expands will occupy half part of screen. Avoid placing something in the front of content which can annoy visitors and ignore it instantly.

Marquee Text

Few websites are there that uses this today because it is not said to be good approach because of its function to scroll down the text to read the news on Tv. Something that is moving will easily catch one’s attention and need effort to ignore these objects.

Splash Page

Splash pages are good when information on it is wanted by the people there or at least it must show a summary of what the website is will be really awesome. Some of the website splash pages for advertising their idea probably.

Locked Content

It is a stunt many website are pulling out for increasing their subscription and earnings. But it is really odd when you are led to touch something but not allowed to use it actually. Sorry you have to pay premium for using it. There revenue is important no matter how cool that website is, it is a trick making people to think that they can use it but actually it can’t, this is misleading.


There are some websites that asks users for registration and login to use features of it. Free registration is not a problem some ask hefty amount of information of yours before you uses their services. Still lot of website not even incorporate warning messages telling you that field is required or taken already and must be replaced.


On first to have Captcha was a kind of method to defend against spam on registration but it has become easier on internet, people started hating this technology. To register or comment user are asked to put combination numbers and letters correctly that not less than 5 usually. It can be said that Captcha is the reason why people stopping commenting on blogs and websites.

Social Media Integration

Apparently most websites uses these toolbars for easily connecting with the friends at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo etc. Nowadays, there are too many social interactions which webmasters lean to think that it is the one of the best way to keep visitors connected but those people do not like to see it every time because it consumes much space of website. Other than collecting all barrage of it, try to have few that most of them like to use.


Content is the king of any website when it is split into many pages and magic weakens. Even some popular websites are doing this when all can be include in one place especially it is all about text.

Irregular window size

Do not use horizontal scrolling in website because scrolling vertically is accepted universally for navigating website.

Reset Button

People now use F5 button to refresh; therefore, there’s no need of any other button.

Post Author: George Clare

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